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Digital Aptech Pvt Ltd receives Global Icon Awards 2022 by WASME
Nov08, 2022

Digital Aptech Pvt Ltd receives Global Icon Awards 2022 by WASME

World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME) is the world’s biggest community that encourages and nurtures Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) around the world to achieve their viable growth.

These SMEs may include

 UN agencies,
 National and International organisations,
 Local government bodies,
 Regional authorities,
 Industry associations, etc.

Hardhearted in India, it is a global non-profit organisation leading the development of SMEs for over 38 years. It is emerging as a powerful international organisation with representatives in different parts of the world.

Role of WASME

WASME aims to construct paths for MSMEs to get finance, funding, training, technology and market expansion opportunities by actively coordinating with all global stakeholders. SMEs in developing and least developed countries experience multifaceted and multi-pronged challenges.

WASME helps to mitigate those issues by actively interacting at all possible forums, conferences, seminars and exhibitions, also promoting skill and entrepreneurship development programs.

Global Icon Awards 2022

Global Icon Awards is an unique platform created by the World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME) to recognise individuals as well as groups for their excellent achievements and contributions to the respective industries.

The Global Icon Awards 2022 covers industries such as

 Real Estate, 
 Health Care,
 E-commerce,
 Start-Ups & NGOs,
 Designs & Talent,
 Entertainment,
 Fashion & Jewellery,
 Taxation,
 Hospitality and the Service Industry, etc.

Encouraging progressive & thoughtful organisations and startups, the platform recognises actual leaders and fuels momentum for his or her progress


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