DAPL’s fabulous Customer Obsession Culture & Practices

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DAPL’s fabulous Customer Obsession Culture & Practices
Nov16, 2022

DAPL’s fabulous Customer Obsession Culture & Practices

Customer obsession means not just providing superior customer service but also knowing them on a personal level to understand their needs better and deliver long-term value to customers. Digital Aptech Pvt. Ltd. (DAPL) has always focussed on satisfying their customers’ needs by putting significant efforts to develop deeper, long-lasting relationships, thus increasing customer retention.

DAPL’s company culture has been forged around customer-centric policies by employing a team of incredible, growth-minded professionals who value using good judgment and problem-solving skills for their customers. This organizational culture is constantly reinforced and strengthened with the right strategies, practices and mechanisms to promote customer obsession, create a positive customer experience and build stronger relationships.

Customer obsession begins with researching the customer’s business objective. This helps to initiate the best approach for problem-solving to reach the desired result. This depicts DAPL’s dedication to its customers’ success in facilitating long-term relationships. Through this understanding, the team is also better able to partner with customers at a personal level, allowing the team to adapt their communication styles appropriately during the entire customer interaction process.

DAPL has always proven itself on responding to customers’ requirements on time. It has implemented the best delivery system to contact customers in real time without delay. DAPL’s principles also apply to language changes during customer conversation to promote the right habits and mindsets. For example, small changes like “me” and “I” to “us,” “we,” and “you”, can have a major impact on customers’ perceptions.

To enhance customer obsession practices, DAPL timely rewards its employees at every level of the organization. Even during business planning and executive conversations, DAPL has modeled its culture to drive customer obsession from the top down. To engage employees with the customer-obsessed mindset in their daily behaviors, DAPL also organizes refresher & training courses from pre-sales to sales to post-sales scenarios. DAPL values customer feedback and customer service surveys to make strategic decisions. These decisions help businesses to drive their revenue goals to continue on growth trajectories.

Digital Aptech Pvt. Ltd. has positioned its values, mission and vision revolving around customer service, for which it has been recognized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) with “CII Award for Customer Obsession”. DAPL has received the award in two categories: “Recognition for Active Customer Engagement Services” and special recognition for “Leveraging Digital Technologies for Superior Customer Experience Services”. The award recognizes customer-centric organizations where the customer is given the top priority and is at the center of everything they do and Digital Aptech Pvt. Ltd. is delighted to be recognized as one.


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