Sumitra Chowdhury

A Few Happy Clients

Digital Aptech
Sumitra Chowdhury
Jan16, 2019

Sumitra Chowdhury

We can’t thank you enough for your professionalism, expertise, and hard work in helping us creating a website, Logo, Business card formats for us. As we started to look the mailings you sent, along with your wonderful expertise, which were extremely helpful as we were going through our initial decision process whether to go for it or to wait for some more days. But the way you guys have handled our project, I must say it was incredible. All your technical guys are just wonderful and extremely talented. It was just so perfect for us. We remember calling you guys during night time and we were extremely happy the way we were handled.

You said it correctly that “ we are just a phone call away”. I have not seen in recent days getting my things to do list done with just one email or a phone call. After we have decided to move with Digital Aptech, your years of experience in this market really came into play. Thanks a lot for all your help. One last thing we would like to add about your fees that ITS EXTREMELY COMPETATIVE.. Thanks again and best regards.


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