CII Award for Customer Obsession 2018

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Digital Aptech
CII Award for Customer Obsession 2018
Feb20, 2019

CII Award for Customer Obsession 2018

And again, the winner is Digital Aptech Private Limited!

It is our pleasure to announce that we are the winner of the prestigious “CII Award for Customer Obsession 2018”, powered by Tata Communications. We have received the award in 2 categories: “Recognition for Active Customer Engagement Services” and Special Recognition for “Leveraging Digital Technologies for Superior Customer Experience Services”.

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) institutionalized “CII Award for Customer Obsession” in the year 2016 in order to promote a Customer Obsession Culture in the Indian Industry. The award recognizes Customer Centric organizations where the customer is given the top priority and is at the centre of everything they do. And we are delighted to be recognized as one!


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