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MySQL Solutions – Rich Database-driven Interactive Web Apps

Want to develop a website like Twitter, Google or Wiki? Go for MySQL development. One of the best open-source database management systems, MySQL, supports almost all operating systems and programming languages. Along with a strong support community, it has a detailed and clear documentation. And no discussion of MySQL development is complete without Digital Aptech! Our MySQL solutions are an astounding proof of our development expertise. We leverage MySQL to build rich database-driven interactive and dynamic web applications. By mastering the best process methodologies, we offer our clients the most comprehensive solutions with unique ideas.

Combining the capacity of MySQL and the power of PHP for your business!

Our Key Expertise
  • Data life cycle management Software development
  • Expertise in My SQL, MS SQL Server, Database Management, Debugging, Database tuning and Query Optimization
  • Hands-on experience in writing triggers, views, SPs/functions and creating indexes
  • Solid performance in engineering skills, very good understanding of Query optimization and query execution plans
  • Hands-on experience in writing T-SQL with complex queries using subqueries, joins etc.
  • Capable of identifying, troubleshooting and resolving live database systems issues
  • Documenting and maintaining E-R diagrams, schema design, and change control processes for all the solutions that are being implemented
  • Solid understanding of Entity relationship diagrams and relational database design principals

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