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Are you looking for a robust, interactive and scalable iPhone app solution? Well, you have come to the right place! At Digital Aptech, we develop iPhone apps that witness skyrocketing session rates from day one and get millions of downloads! Used and loved by millions, our custom made iOS apps are made keeping in mind the specific design and development guidelines that are related to the individual platforms – iPhone and iPad. Leveraging our in-house talent and a proven agile methodology, we deliver end-to-end custom apps that encompass the entire range of iOS devices. Our iOS app development process covers everything – from ideation and development to post-launch support and maintenance.

The end result of our each and every iOS app is the same – rise in our clients’ popularity and revenue chart!

Our Key Expertise
  • Excellent knowledge of iPhone iOS SDK, Swift, Objective C and Cocoa Touch
  • Proficient knowledge of developing iPhone apps that are dependent on GPS, Accelerometer, database integration and mapping location services
  • Great understanding of code versioning tools with Git
  • Experience in working with iOS frameworks such as Core Audio, Core Text, Core Location, Core Graphics and Core Animation
  • Strong understanding of how RESTful APIs are used to connect iOS applications to back-end services
  • Knowledge of SQLite and great experience of working in SQL databases, Realm and Coredata
  • Proficient knowledge in payment gateway, in-app purchases, push notifications and third-party libraries and APIs
  • Great understanding of Apple’s interface guidelines and design principles
  • Experience in performance tuning, threading and offline storage
  • Strong understanding of the complete mobile development life cycle

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