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HTML5 Game Development – Awesome and Addictive Games

Want to develop a fascinating, bug-free, wonderful and enticing game? Well, HTML5 has made it possible! It is because of its phenomenal as well as its associated cross-browser capabilities and scalable vector graphics, it has become a buzz in the world of mobile game development. With this amazing game engine, you can let your imagination run wild. And Digital Aptech can convert your imagination to reality! We have in-depth experience in creating engaging and intuitive mobile games. We develop as well as present the content in the most impressive manner.

Delight, engage and entertain your audience with interactive HTML5 games!

Our Key Expertise
  • Extensive knowledge in JavaScript and HTML5 canvas development
  • Great working knowledge of HTML5 development engines
  • Thorough knowledge of design and animation tools such as Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash
  • Ability to transform a PSD/mock or concept into a working experience
  • Experts in creating highly-interactive and exciting experiences on iPhone, iPad, desktop and other mobile devices
  • Experience in porting HTML5 to iOS/Android app stores
  • Strong optimization and debugging abilities
  • Extensive experience in designing and developing games

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