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Building Lightweight 2D Games with Cocos2D-X

Do you love playing games and want to develop your own game? Cocos2d-x is a perfect choice. It is a suite of cross-platform, open suite and game development tools that is used by the best game developers all over the world. With the help of C++ programming, it is the best software to make lightweight 2D games. Want to partner with the best Cocos2d-x game development company? Digital Aptech is the name! We are a renowned game development company that specializes in creating addictive games. Our Cocos2d-x game developers have expertise on sprites, game physics, audio and all the other features of Cocos2d-x. We strive to offer an ultimate gaming experience by using a stable and dependable framework to develop 2D games and cross-platform GUI based programs for mobile devices. With our successful games, we are consistently exceeding the expectations of our customers in each and every project.

Creating stunning and addictive games!

Our Key Expertise
  • Seamless API integration
  • Optimizing performance factors
  • Capable of using external API
  • Good knowledge of C++, C and Objective C
  • Developing games on Cocos2d-x for multiple mobile platforms

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