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Cassandra Solutions to Meet Your Strategic Business Objectives

Do you want to develop a website that will offer high availability and scalability without compromising the performance? Opting for Cassandra development in the perfect solution! Apache Cassandra is a high-performance and highly-scalable distributed database that is designed to handle a huge amount of data. It offers high available services with no single point of failure. At Digital Aptech, we have hands-on experience in developing Cassandra. We leverage the best practices of Cassandra in order to fulfil your strategic business objectives. We have completely mastered this complex system and have expertise in not only installing Cassandra on different platforms, but also implementing the best maintenance practices for your applications.

Leveraging Cassandra to deliver the best digital experiences!

Applications of Cassandra
  • Social media input and analysis
  • Web click-stream analysis
  • Internet of Things applications
  • Time series applications
  • Retail industries
  • High-velocity device data analysis and ingestion
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Write-intensive transaction systems
  • Online gaming
  • User activity and media streaming tracking
  • Web log analysis and management
  • Risk analysis and management

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