When it comes to implementing an eCommerce store, or re-designing an eCommerce website – you need a partner that is fully professional, experienced and competitive enough to provide you the best solutions at an affordable price. We at Digital Aptech are dedicated to take your business to the next level. Years of experience and state of the art technical knowledge has enabled our team to give complete solution of setting up an ecommerce site and then marketing it to achieve maximum ROI.

We learn with our clients, we grow with them.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us for Your eCommerce Project:

  • 1Selecting an Ecommerce Platform –
    based on your budget and requirements, we can recommend you the best ecommerce platform for smooth and profitable operation of your store.
  • 2Expert & Experienced Hands –
    we hire only true experts with proven industry experience and technical knowledge. We also assure you dedicated manpower for your project.
  • 3Cost effective –
    You can save 50% of your Project cost with us. Our accuracy and fast turnaround time can decrease the overall project time, thus you pay for the least possible hours required to execute a job.
  • 4We can help you sell your product –
    You have a website, you have your product now you want to sell! Our expert digital marketing team can make your website 100% SEO friendly from inception. Based on your marketing budget, our marketing team can help you generate best possible ROI.
  • 5After Sales Support Free of Cost–
    our relationship with you will not be over as soon as we complete your project. We will maintain your site for up to 1 month with you and teach you the store management for FREE.
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Our eCommerce Design & Development Skills

100% unique fully responsive design – we will start from the scratch, after a thorough discussion with you, to make a 100% unique custom design. Your website will work perfectly in all devices and any resolution and offer best user experience.

Custom plug-in and module development –

  • Custom app development – we give clients customized apps for both android and i-phone. The apps are made taking the clients requirement and user experience into consideration.
  • Store inventory setup – we would set up your store, we will test whether it is running properly and we will teach you how to manage it.
  • Custom shopping cart design and payment gateway integration – we will customize your shopping cart according to your need, your product and your target audience. That includes implementing custom shipping method and payment method as required.
  • Custom plugin development – Magento , Pestrashop , Opencart , woo-commerece & Os commerce custom plug-ins development to serve any of your requirement.
  • Fast Loading Time – coding tweaks and image compression to achieve most optimum page loading speed
  • KHAOS control integration with Ecommerce website – The development team at Digitalaptech is proud to provide a full range of integration services for your e-commerce firm. Led by an expert Integrations Architect, we use our own plugin to seamlessly connect your khaos with your e-commerce systems, allowing your financial and business information to connect.
  • ERP integration with ecommerce website – Using Magento as an e-commerce platform is a process which inadvertently leads to the issue of integration with Enterprise Resource Planning software or ERP. As a key component in the process of tracking an inventory of a business and its changes, ERP simply needs to be integrated with the platform where online sales take place. Magento ERP integration is a necessity because the manual entry of data between the two platforms is simply not possible after a certain level of growth, where the data becomes bigger and more complex. But, even though both platforms can provide any business with multiple advantages, the process of Magento ERP integration needs to have clearly established goals. Here are the things that should be considered when integrating Magento with an ERP system
  • So don’t wait anymore. Digital Aptech is here to establish your dream brand as a leader of the market.
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    South Africa

    It is a multi store having a world wide websites. They sell mainly skin products. We developed our own plugin which is a store locator for this website.

  • Description
    This web shop sells office products. We used affiliate programs and many other custom plugins on this website.



    This webshop sells printing products. We used custom printing extension on this webshop.

  • wholesale

    United Kingdom

    This webshop is a marketplace . It connects ERP to manage the inventory , customers, products & orders . We maintain this webshop from last 4 years .

  • plushaddict

    United Kingdom


  • privatelyurs


  • clad-port

    South Africa


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Pritesh Harilal

MD – Zendal Backup

Stephen Douglas

CEO – Crest White Strips

Dave Davis

CEO – Qualitiwork Limited
United Kingdom

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  • Ideal for someone looking for continuous development or maintenance work.
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