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Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

At Digital Aptech we are an actionable team that does all it takes to remove barriers between data and its interpretative use.

We empower organizations to transform their internal and external data to intelligent solutions. Our experts are engaged in aggregating transformative Machine Learning and Deep Learning into products and solutions with a difference.

We are curious about unstructured data emanating from any place and passionate about translating them as problem solving tools. Our data analytics professionals specialize in analyzing data, build models and training them to deliver exceptional problem solving solutions.

Our focus is:

  • Leverage big data and analytics for preventive and predictive solutions
  • Use data for higher business and social impacts
  • Envisage customer buying trends with real-time data insight
  • Help businesses make informed decisions using business intelligence tools
  • Build solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence

From fully automated business processes to ground-breaking solutions across industries, we implement the entire gamut of data science including learning, reasoning, perception, problem-solving and language understanding for best analytical computations. We bring about transformative outcomes quickly by starting with business case, rapidly creating data science, analytics and process automation outcomes.

Every business/service has its unique needs and we meet them by enabling
Artificially Intelligent solutions using
Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques.

Artificial Intelligence

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables deriving end product/solution making use of specialized Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques. Incorporating the power of AI to businesses and services can enable bringing about disruptive changes paving setting up future trends and establishing higher returns. AI applications are derived using Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning enables machines to take decisions based on past data and work across smaller systems and devices. It provides statistical tools to explore & understand data. Problems are divided into parts that use specific tools to resolve them individually and the combined results of the parts emerge as the ultimate solutions.

A popular Machine Learning use across businesses and services is that of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Here, devices understand, analyze, manipulate and generate potential human languages. NPL makes use of text and audio language input to give automated solutions in the form of bot communication and action, auto corrections and spam detection. In the case of audio inputs, the process consists of speech recognition, question answering, natural language generation and much more.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning (DL) is the inner sub-set of ML and is based on Multi Neural Network Architecture algorithm structures in layers that create models to mimic the human brain. The machine learns like the human brain and takes decisions on its own without any human assistance or interference. This learning of these Neural Network is used for detecting and recognizing objects, translating languages and other tasks.

Different categories of Neural Network are put to specific use either standalone or in conjugation depending on the application use or the solutions required.

  • Artificial Neural Network (ANN) solves problems with number inputs
  • Convolution Neural Network (CNN) gives solutions with inputs that are images
  • Recurring Neural Network (RNN) utilizes time series data for learning and resolving problems

Some known applications of Deep Learning include facial recognition, virtual assistants, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, self-driving cars and fraud detection.

Our Solutions

Advanced Data Analytics/Business Analytics

Advanced Analytics goes beyond conventional Business Intelligence to work with large data volumes, gain deeper insights and make predictions for better business results. The process uses statistical formulae, algorithms and mathematical models to recognize patterns and predict outcomes and probabilities.

  • We help you enable better business insight with real-time view on current sales and marketing, business processes, finance and development.
  • Help improve business agility giving competitive edge.
  • Improve and streamline operations to maximize ROI.

Predictive Modeling/Predictive Analytics

It is the mathematical process of creating, testing and validating business or any other models to predict future events. The method uses data and statistics to create data models that help in predicting future outcomes of anything ranging from corporate returns to consumer behavior and revenue trends. Machine Learning is the key component of this modeling/analytics.

  • We will help you mitigates business risks by making decisions on real data/information.
  • Enable smooth operational processes and formulate future business strategies.

Process Automation

It is the Process Automation of business processes that can be effectively carried out without human interventions while maintaining strategic workflow. Depending on the business genre or industry type, all touchpoints from manufacture, sales and marketing to inventory and supply chains, administration to management processes can be brought under the ambit.

  • We enable organic development of processes improving production chains
  • Improve quality of production
  • Help reduce labor costs and mitigate labor shortage
  • Reduce manufacturing time while improving quality
  • Elimination of errors in documentation processes
  • Increase returns

AI Apps

We build, deploy and scale AI apps with Machine Learning offerings for visual and interactive experiences using data. These will help you improve your customer experience, encouraging them to return and bring you more business.

  • From AI-driven Chatbots to language learning apps,
  • Calorie-counting to job search apps,
  • Photo transformation-enabling apps to AR try-on shopping apps,

You name it and we’re here to assist develop the best-in-class AI-powered app for you.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is the network that connects mechanical and digital objects and devices to support exchange of data to give desired results. It helps simplify human lives by receiving data, sorting them and processing them with the help of chips, sensors, video camera, measuring devices and other equipment. The interconnection of the devices (thus Internet-of-Things) takes place through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth cellular links or cables which is essentially a Machine-to-Machine process.

  • We ensure safe collection of data & storage
  • Organize high-performance streaming of data
  • Build platform for Internet-of-Things
  • Develop IoT solution in the cloud
  • Develop server-side data-handling algorithms
  • Build a full-featured, user-friendly front-end
  • Ensure effective data management


Legacy approach to data and analytics is expensive requiring specific tools and uniquely skilled personnel. It slows down organizations, limiting their productive capabilities. We use Data science to translate these analytics to faster and effective process automation, products and solutions with transformative end results. Sectors we cater to include:

  • Sales & Retail

  • Healthcare

  • Travel & Transportation

  • Communications

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Life Science & Pharmaceuticals

  • Manufacturing

  • Financial Services

While accelerating digital transformations of operations using data science, we help organizations across industries get real-time insight into their ever evolving data and converting them into valuable models to give you the competitive differentiation edge.

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