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Too-doo is a CRM that helps a company's strategy to life, structures your organization and processes and gives you an overview so you know what's happening in your company. It is a platform that management teams use for tactical and strategic business operations. The CRM is an ideal tool for small businesses, startups and other global organisations to streamline operations and bring in greater efficiency and involvement.

The company approached Digital Aptech to develop a high-performing and user-friendly website for its users and customers.

Client Details


Industry: Business Management

Geographic Location: Belgium

Project Duration: 6+ years

Problem Statement

  • No existing CRM offered a comprehensive business operation strategy-making option as well as easy implementation of the strategies for small businesses and startups
  • There weren’t any options for small businesses to prioritise strategic growth plans and implement them accordingly through concrete actions and projects Partnered with DAPL to

  • Design and develop an attractive website for to let users and customers learn about the CRM and its features
  • Include a free demo option for users to get a clear idea of what the CRM is all about and how exactly to use it
  • Include a Product Tour option to let prospective customers get a first-hand experience of the functioning of the CRM

Website link:

Technology Used: VueJS, Laravel


  • The website of the CRM has to be attractive, informational and contain a detailed guide on how the CRM works
  • There has to be a Get Demo option to let users and customers find out how the CRM functions
  • Integration of a profile login page for users to sign into the CRM from the website

The Outcome of the Solution

  • A well-functioning website with all necessary features, top functionalities and a stunning design
  • A fast-loading website with a demo option to get a clear idea and a fast-hand experience of the CRM
  • Integration of a login page for users to sign into

Core Business Impact

  • Diversified Platform: Businesses can use the app on different devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc., without any compatibility issues
  • Customer Satisfaction: Users have been highly satisfied as they can easily use the website to learn about the CRM and its functionalities and get a first-hand experience with the demo option on the website
  • Improvement in Revenue With such an improved website, users and prospective clients got access to detailed ideas and information about the CRM and understood how it would help their business. This improved the revenue of as it brought in more clients.


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