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About the Client

Sept is an online shopping mobile application that offers buyers a unique and personalised experience. The app prioritises individual freedom, choice, belonging and being. As a buyer, one can connect with a community that understands and aligns with their choices and lets them share what they are interested in or buying with the community.

The platforms approached Digital Aptech to help design and create an online shopping platform that would offer a unique and one-of-a-kind customer experience and change the way of online retail shopping.

Client Details

Name: Sept

Industry: E-commerce

Problem Statement

  • There weren’t any existing online shopping platforms that would let buyers recommend or purchase outfits according to their unique fashion preferences and choice
  • The already present shopping platforms lacked the option and features to customise one’s shopping experience as per one's preference and style.

Sept Partnered with DAPL to

  • Design a simple, easy-to-use yet highly intuitive and interactive online platform that would elevate the shopping experience of fashion lovers
  • Let the platform find products as per one’s preferences and fashion choices and allows them to create and automatically save a personalised shopping list
  • Design a platform with the aim of providing a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that caters to one’s exclusive choices

App Link:

Technology Used:

  • Objective-C


  • To design an online e-commerce platform which would recommend styles, designs and outfits to users based on their personal style and what’s saved in their shopping bags
  • To let users connect with a community of like-minded fellow shoppers to allow them to share their style and chosen outfits .
  • To give a unique shopping experience to users where they would be able to shop and have fun with a community of real and virtual friends.

The Outcome of the Solution

  • A clean, intuitive, interactive and high-performing mobile app that comes with an attractive interface and is loaded with user-friendly features
  • Integration of secure online payment options that support multiple payment options
  • Option to let users share their style and outfit choices with a virtual community through the app

Core Business Impact

  • Customer Satisfaction: With superior flexibility, useful features, zero lag, easy navigability and more, users have been highly satisfied with this shopping platform.
  • Cost Optimization: The platform witnessed improved efficiency and scalability of the operation through reliable staff augmentation services via the Dedicated Resource Model.
  • Improvement in Revenue: A satisfied customer base helped the platform to expand itself and add new users. This helped the platform’s revenue and growth to increase.


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