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The client is the CEO of Roster Import and has a strong presence in the aviation industry and caters to the needs of apt crew management. Organizing and structuring crew members in a roster format with latest updates is essential to maintain smooth line of services in the aviation industry. Companies cannot depend on paper rosters with crew members always on the move and needing latest duty status updates. The customer was looking for a mobile app that is compatible on the Android and iOS platforms to get the task done seamlessly enabling anytime and anyplace login.

1. App Links

Android -

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2. Scope of Work

As a part of the aviation industry, the client was in need of an advanced system that would allow an easy shift from the paper roster system to a digitized one. We had to create a robust and feature-rich app that would operate on both the platforms smoothly. The app would display the roster in the form of an online calendar such that it can be viewed from all types of handheld devices or can be even mailed. Changes in duty schedule and timings are a part of the aviation industry and the app also needed to incorporate the scope of changes in existing the roster timings. Despite all its features, the app had to be easy to use for crew members with user-friendly navigation options that flow smoothly from one point to another.

The aim was to provide users with the complete details of flight schedules and duty timings as per the roster that can also be upgraded or changed at regular intervals. The objective was to provide a modern app that will give the flight and cabin crew their latest roster information at their fingertips. The solution would enable users to create personalized online calendar, display the roster on their handheld devices and also receive notifications on any changes made in the roster at a regular interval of 6 hours.

3. Solution Overview

Roster Import app is a modern solution built by the DAPL team that caters to the challenges of the fast moving aviation industry scheduling and rostering needs. The app allows flight and cabin crews access information about their work schedule anytime and from any place both online as well as offline. The app has a real-time calendar incorporated within it that allows users to stay updated on their roster. The 6 hourly change notification feature keeps them informed on the latest roster schedule. The solution we built can be seamlessly integrated and with Outlook, Google Calendar, and ical. It lets users track routes, flights, destinations and distance traveled for each roster and also share these statistics with friends on social media.

The solution completely rids airlines and related service providers and their staff get complete rid of any paper roster and manual transfer of it.

The project involved complex backend work which was made easy using the Agile-Hybrid model of execution. Under the Agile-Scrum Methodology, work was broken down into smaller segments and neatly assigned to members with clear parameters. Each developer/designer knew her/his responsibilities and was in constant touch with other team members through common communication channels. This facilitated seamless progress with complete visibility of work item giving the project manager bird’s-eye-view all through the project cycle. Any backlog or issues were promptly dealt with by members working comfortably from their individual spaces as part of the Hybrid Team.

4. Technology Used

. For iOS

Language: Objective-C

IDE: XCode

Minimum OS Support: iOS 8.0

Device Supported: iPhone/iPad (All)

Version Control - SCM: Git (Bitbucket)

Orientation supported: Portrait

Project management: Basecamp 2

Local DB: Core Data

App Subscription: IAP (In App Purchase for Apple)


Third-party SDKs: Facebook SDK

. For Android

Language: Java

IDE: Android Studio

Minimum OS Support: Android API level 15 (Ice Cream Sandwich higher ver 4.0.3)

Device Supported: Android Phone/Tablet 7" and 10"

Version Control - SCM: Git (Bitbucket)

Orientation supported: Portrait

Project management: Basecamp 2

Local DB: SQL Lite

• App Subscription: IAP (In App Purchase for Google)


Third-party SDKs: Facebook SDK,

Google SDK: FCM, Google Map SDK, Google Play Service

5. Key Benefits

• Users get notifications of newly published roster or any duty changes with the auto-check system in the app.

• Users can seamlessly integrate and synchronize their roster with Google Calendar, Outlook and Ical.

• Users can view as well as share their flight statistics of their current and next roster.

• Users can track their flights, routes, distance travelled for each roster, destinations and share these statistics with their closed ones on social media platforms.

• Currently the supports the host of major and regional airlines using AIMS, Sabre, Geneva, Webcis, Jeppesen and Merlot.



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