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About the project

Plush Addict is a retail seller of a large range of fabric, haberdashery and sewing items with a whooping inventory of 1000s items. The owner was clearly in need of a well-organized website that can cater to fluid and attractive display of items, updated backend inventory management and of course, easy order processing, shipment and returns tracking.

The subject discussed in this study concerns the process and dealing of the challenges posed by the existing Magento 1 website that was subsequently upgraded to the highly advanced Magento 2 platform.

Plush Addict was had to display all of its products to its customers systematically to attract and retain their attention. It needed a e-commerce website that would neatly categorize its huge collection in clear lists displayed on the menu bar making browsing easy for customers. They wanted to offer their large clientele an optimal user-experience on a well-organized and attractive website.

Digital Aptech Private Limited was approached by the client Plush Addict to migrate its existing Magento1 e-commerce website to the specialized Magento2 portal. The objective was to help bring all products in series and have them well-displayed making it easy for customers to find what they need with a couple of clicks.

Also, the site had to exhibit detailed info against each product along with its cart features. The website had to be securely encrypted as it would handle customers’ payment information. As part of its global business expansion, the site had to include payment options in multiple currency variants.

Client details

  • Name: PlushAddict
  • Industry: E-commerce
  • Geographic presence: United Kingdom
  • Problem Statement

  • An unstable website that was unable to display the full range of products failed to generate business from potential local customers and international clientele.
  • It was unable to leverage the huge business opportunities from the traffic that the industry generates being a part of essential and regularly used items.
  • Visitors coming to the site failed to reach the item they were looking for with a few clicks. Finding the exact product and its details was a becoming big challenge for customers who wanted to check out the variety that the client has to offer.
  • Viewing product details often meant going through multiple layers and also face glitches resulting in increased page-bounce rates.
  • Objectives

    Plush Addict partnered with DAPL team to:

  • Upgrade the existing Magento 1 website to the advanced and feature-rich Magento 2, platform; the website had to be customized as per business requirements as in front end product page, visual display, admin report, wholesale report from buying, selling, modification in catalogue grid as per business specification, backend input from bulk buying to retail customer personalization of processing by dedicated people.
  • Re-create an attractive, user-friendly and responsive e-commerce website that will serve its existing customers and help attract newer ones.

    Re-create a well-organized business website neatly listing inventories under clear categories and sub-categories.

    Re-design a website that will display all information about product availability, shipping, deliver at high speed and viewable well from any device.

    Restructure, organize and merge all existing database with newer ones for full inventory display, easy backend management, order and inventory processing.

    A scalable solution that will allow the business to add to its inventory as it expands its catalogue.

    Providing a secure ecommerce transaction portal with easy checkout and global clientele oriented multiple currency options.

    Website link:

    Technology Used

  • Php version 7.2.2
  • Magento 2.3.5-p1
  • Mysql version 14.14
  • Cloudflare for CDN
  • Varnish Cache
  • Challenges faced

  • Magento 1 platform was not displaying all products under different categories making it difficult for customers to view products.
  • Codes were behaving strangely despite no third-party extension being used for the website/e-store.
  • Even installed extensions are not displayed properly on the frontend.
  • Repeated admin notifications as the business expands and grows disturbing normal operations.
  • Cookie life needs extension as Magento 1 cookies have limited lifespan resulting in repeated reconfiguration.
  • Mails going out from Magento 1 were being termed as spam despite the fact that any business SEO demands e-mail marketing.
  • Slow loading time and other fallacies failed to make site visible on Google search engine.
  • Outcome of the solution

    At the end of migration process, the client was delivered a top-class business/ecommerce website that:

  • Is attractive and user-friendly displaying all product and its information prominently.
  • Users can access itme from the business’s huge inventory with only a couple of clicks.
  • Details and specifications of each item is clearly listed and viewing them is just a breeze.
  • Multiple currency conversion tool for clients from different regions.
  • Secure e-payment gateway with encryptions.
  • Website insights

  • Traffic source: 51% of the traffic comes from organic search.
  • Geographical area United Kingdom
  • Total visits for the last 6 month 144.89K
  • Average Visit Duration 00:02:13
  • Pages per visit 5.26
  • Extensions used

  • Amasty Extensions
  • Mirasvit Extensions
  • ESS M2ePro
  • MagePlaza Extensions
  • Fooman Extensions
  • Core Business Impact

    Productivity improvement: Plush Addict e-store is catering to its wide base of local customers in the UK and also international clientele at a rapid speed through the upgraded Magento 2 portal. The net result is a distinct increase in website traffic and final conversion in terms of hard core revenue generation.

    Operational efficiency: Managing orders and inventory was a becoming a difficult task for the brand. Easier backend operations, inventory management and order processing means swift business management and increased business.

    Cost reduction: Streamlining of operations with smooth backend and faster processing has led to total overhead cost reduction as the company is serving more clients.

    Customer satisfaction: Plush Addict is a highly satisfied customer with a smoothly running e-store catering to a growing number of customers every day.

    Customer relationship: The successful upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2 of Plush Addict has strengthened relationship between the client and DAPL with subsequent project extension of site SEO and recommendations.

    Engagement: Dedicated model.


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