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About the Client

Perpetuity Capital is an online lending company that offers tailor-made financial assistance solutions for purchasing commercial vehicles, personal vehicles, EVs and two-wheelers. The company aims to make the lending process smooth, hassle-free and quick with its smart digital lending platform.

The company approached us to develop a responsive web and mobile application with a simple user interface through which users can easily apply for financial assistance to purchase new or pre-owned vehicles.

Client Details

Name: Perpetuity Capital

Industry: FinTech

Geographic Location: India

Project Duration:

  • App:7 months

  • Web:19 months

Problem Statement

  • There were service and stability level challenges and issues with the existing platform of the business
  • There was a delay in deploying a globally scalable model that would help the brand to implement key features enabling the business to grow its customer base and profitability

Perpetuity Capital Partnered with DAPL to

  • To develop a world-class, high-performing mobile app that comes with easy navigational features, a simple yet eye-catching design and an easy-to-use interface that can ensure higher customer retention and business growth
  • To integrate a customer-oriented dashboard that would allow users to learn about various loan features, check eligibility and apply for it directly from the app
  • To ensure the complete digital transformation of the business enabling its ability to smoothly and rapidly adjust to changes

Website link:

App Link:

Technology Used: Laravel for web, React Native for app


  • The business wanted to develop an app that would be rich in features and have a simple, attractive user interface allowing users to check loan offers as per their eligibility and portfolio
  • A customer-oriented and smooth dashboard for existing and potential clients, enabling them to directly apply for a loan, upload documents and contact customer support

The Outcome of the Solution

DAPL designed and developed a mobile app that:

  • Includes user-friendly options and features to promote higher customer engagement
  • Makes seeking financial assistance simple, hassle-free and faster
  • Would help the business to completely digitise its offering and thus make them more accessible to a larger customer base

Core Business Impact

  • Operational Efficiency: The smooth and quick mobile app helped more users easily apply for financial assistance for automobiles. The business managed to cater to more clients through the app, keep track of applications, carry out verifications and approvals and disburse loans seamlessly.
  • Cost Reduction: With cost-effective staff augmentation solutions through dedicated resources, the business was successful in improving its operations, growth and overall success.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Individuals looking for financial assistance could now apply for it through the seamless and hassle-free interface of the mobile app. This contributed to higher customer satisfaction, improved business site ranking and lead generation.
  • Diversified Platform: The app has been developed to run smoothly on different devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc., without any glitch.
  • Engagement Model: Dedicated Resource


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