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About the Client

Our client JS is a pioneer jewellery brand in the UK. The company provides high-quality jewellery at extremely affordable prices. One of the biggest USPs of the client is its wide range of jewellery types and options to choose from. So, a user could browse from modern classics to traditional jewellery. This is also something that the brand wanted in focus where the users could understand there is a wide range of options to suit their likeability.

The website needed to have an elegant feel to it going along with the brand’s imagery. The brand also has a prominent global physical presence which is very customer-centric, and the website needed to be a replica of that.

Client Details

Name: Jarvis Spencer Jewellery

Industry: E-commerce

Geographic Location: United Kingdom

Problem Statement

  • Ongoing service level and stability challenges with the current platform
  • Continuing delays in the deployment of a global model that supports the functions of the key features

Jarvis Spencer Partnered with DAPL to

  • To develop a world-class website that would ensure rapid growth and continuous success of the brand
  • To make it easier for both existing and potential customers to view and order its jewellery products in a hassle-free way
  • To integrate a secure and fast payment gateway that would allow buyers to pay for their purchases in an efficient way


  • There had to be a secure payment integration on the website to allow buyers to place an online jewellery order in a hassle-free way.
  • The website had to be attractive, interactive and responsive despite being loaded with features to keep customers engaged and provide a whole new experience

The Outcome of the Project

  • A well-organised, intuitive, responsive and smooth website that allows customers to book various jewellery in a hassle-free way from the comfort of home
  • Improved user interface and website designs promoting customer experience and superior engagement
  • A secure payment gateway that lets users buy jewellery products online in a safe way
  • Increased brand awareness and credibility among the potential customer base

Core Business Impact

  • Operational Efficiency: The brand witnessed an improvement in operational efficiency as the website allowed buyers to smoothly order and pay for the jewellery products from the comfort of the home
  • Cost Reduction: The brand managed to increase its overall business and revenue via cost-effective staff augmentation services
  • Customer Satisfaction: The well-optimised and smooth-running website helped to increase customer satisfaction and engagement.
  • Diversified Platform: Buyers were able to use the website without any lag, error or compatibility issues across multiple devices.
  • Engagement Model: Dedicated Resource Model.


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