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Customer Profile

The customer is the owner of several hotels listed under the Rainbow Tourism Group, acknowledged as a renowned name in the hospitality industry. Most of the hotels and the host of others services that the group offers are available in Zimbabwe as they continue to operate from their head office in South Africa.

1. App Links

Android -

iOS -

2. Scope of Work

Being in the hospitality industry, the client is well aware of the changing trends of tourists and travelers for leisure and business. Changing lifestyles of travelers often leave them with very little time for exploring options for shopping or picking the best places to stay within a budget. The client wanted to offer people coming to Zimbabwe and citizens traveling across the country an assortment of services at the tip of their fingers.

The aim was to provide users an array of services through a single app helping eliminate the need for downloading individual apps. The intent was to upgrade the existing app with a load of features that will have users hooked on to the app for all purposes, in all situations. There was the need to upgrade the app in a way that users can avail all types of services easily and in a hassle-free way even as the stressful times of the global pandemic continues.

3. Solution Overview

The existing app RTG Gateway (that we had built earlier) was rebranded as Gateway Stream with the addition of some of the most sought-after in-app features. We included 3 crucial features, that is, online shopping, music and insurance for the maximum benefit of users. We have modified the present app such that users can find the best hotels and homestay, holiday packages, make ride bookings, choosing the best dishes at some of the most well-know restaurants, order them online, and shop for items and groceries online.

There are also options to help users find on-going events and venues to host them, buy insurance and even bid for the hotel package deals for the best buy. While the insurance feature and the music are among the later additions that we made, we added the e-commerce portal to facilitate online buying of items and groceries in the pandemic-induced situation.

The project involved complex backend work which was made easy using the Agile-Hybrid model of execution. Under the Agile-Scrum Methodology, work was broken down into smaller segments and neatly assigned to members with clear parameters. Each developer/designer knew her/his responsibilities and was in constant touch with other team members through common communication channels. This facilitated seamless progress with complete visibility of work item giving the project manager bird’s-eye-view all through the project cycle. Any backlog or issues were promptly dealt with by members working comfortably from their individual spaces as part of the Hybrid Team.

4. Technology Used

. For iOS

Language: Objective-C

IDE: XCode

Minimum OS Support: iOS 8.0

Device Supported: iPhone

Version Control - SCM: Git (Bitbucket)

Orientation supported: Portrait

Project management: Basecamp 2


Third-party SDKs: Facebook SDK, Google Place API, Google Maps SDK

Payment Gateway - PayNow

. For Android

Language: Java

IDE: Android Studio

Minimum OS Support: Android API level 15 (Ice Cream Sandwich higher ver 4.0.3)

Device Supported: Android Phone

Version Control - SCM: Git (Bitbucket)

Orientation supported: Portrait

Project management: Basecamp 2


Third-party SDKs: Facebook SDK

Google SDK - FCM, Google Place API, Google Map SDK, Google Play Service

Payment Gateway - PayNow

5. Key Benefits

• Users have an all-in-one app that helps them fulfill a host of requirements related to travel and stay and also when they are not traveling.

• Users can book different types of accommodations, look up restaurants and their offerings across locations as per their requirements.

• Users can take part in auction of hotel deals and packages across locations for best buy of their stay.

• Users can listen to music of their choice through the app.

• Users can buy insurance from some of the leading names in the industry by accessing the gateway from the same app.

• Users can get to access the e-commerce feature of online shopping of select items and order groceries at their doorstep.



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