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About the Client

FemCy is a Singapore-based brand that offers customised health and wellness tips, diet plans and workout routines for women during their monthly hormonal cycles. Users can easily track their daily activities and receive expert guidance for an optimally healthy lifestyle.

The business approached us to develop a mobile application that would come with an attractive and user-friendly design. This app would include multiple useful features that would help in providing an all-in-one solution for better health and nutrition tracking during hormonal cycles.

Client Details

Name: FemCy

Industry: Health and Wellness

Geographic Location: Singapore

Problem Statement

  • Lack of a dedicated mobile application for women in the current market which would help them to easily manage their hormonal cycles with necessary health tips, nutrition and workout charts, as well as expert advice
  • Users across the globe did not have access to all-in-one digital solutions to manage health issues related to hormonal cycles in a smart and convenient way.

FemCy Partnered with DAPL

  • To develop a mobile application with a simple yet attractive UI and design with multiple features specifically for women users
  • To include a smart and totally customisable activity tracker to record and track all activities during the menstrual cycle list
  • To integrate an option for creating or joining a community for discussions on various topics related to female health and wellness

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  • The client wanted to include an online calendar that one can use to track their monthly cycles and plan their activities accordingly
  • The mobile application would have an interactive and simple interface which would receive crucial inputs from the user and provide customised health tips, nutrition and workout plans accordingly .
  • There has to be an integration of a communication module that would allow users to connect with experts via chat, live video or live audio for suggestions and guidance.

The Outcome of the Solution

DAPL developed a mobile app that:

  • Is visually appealing with great design, layout, colour and comes with a simple user interface and smooth navigation
  • Allows users to avail appropriate diet and workout charts according to inputs provided
  • Provides lag-free and seamless connection with experts over live audio, video or chat
  • Offers improved user experience

Core Business Impact

  • Cost Reduction: The business witnessed an increase in the efficiency and scalability of the operation as it availed cost-effective and reliable staff augmentation services through the Dedicated Resource Model.
  • Customer Satisfaction: With zero lag and a visually attractive and smooth interface, FemCy users have been highly satisfied with the platform.
  • Diversified Platform: Users can easily access the app and enjoy a seamless, hassle-free experience across various devices without any lag, glitch or compatibility issues.
  • Engagement Model: Dedicated Model.


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