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About the Client

Eazy Electrical is an ed-tech mobile application that provides online learning assistance to all Electrical BTech, Diploma and ITI students to prepare for and appear in multiple competitive examinations. Students can download this app, sign up, create a profile and join online exam preparation coaching batches.

The platform wanted us to design a mobile app that would be easy to use for students and aspirants, where they could quickly access the study material they were looking for.

Client Details

Name: Eazy Electrical

Industry: Edtech

Geographic Location: India

Problem Statement

  • There were multiple issues with the existing platform where users faced technical problems while using the app
  • The existing platform was missing several useful features as compared to other such competitor platforms in the market

Eazy Electrical Partered with DAPL To:

  • Upgrade the existing platform so that it could align with the brand’s requirements
  • Make the mobile application more user-friendly, interactive and easy to navigate
  • Include multiple new features on the platforms

App Link:



  • Integration of a smart dashboard and a navigation system to help candidates access questions and study material for various competitive examinations
  • Developing a user-friendly layout that would make it easier for candidates to access previous year questions and coaching materials for different tests

The Outcome of the Solution

  • A newly upgraded mobile app that is easy to use
  • User-friendly app to help candidates get access to a wide range of coaching materials and question papers
  • Seamless and hassle-free navigation

Core Business Impact

  • Customer Satisfaction: With superior flexibility, zero lag, useful features, easy navigability and more, users have been highly satisfied with the test preparation platform.
  • Cost Optimization:The platform witnessed improved efficiency and scalability of the operation through reliable staff augmentation services via the Dedicated Resource Model.
  • Improvement in Revenue: A satisfied customer base helped the platform to expand itself and add new users. This helped the platform’s revenue and growth to increase.


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