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About the Client

It is a biomedical product-based data visualization website where users can see the share price and its movement and rank of the product details and brand details of a particular product. One can choose a particular medicine or drug, select a period or quarter, and easily find the share details

The platform approached us to create a simple, easy-to-use and interactive website for users.

Client Details

Name: Early Data

Industry: Biomedical

Project Duration: 1 year

Problem Statement

  • There were no existing online platform

Early Data Partnered with DAPL to

  • To design and develop a fast, secure and interactive website to find share prices and details of different biomedical products
  • To include multiple functionalities and features like selecting the period, quarter, YTD (year to date), MAT, brand name, etc.

Website link: https://flash.earlydata.com/

Technology Used: Angular, Node.JS


  • Inclusion of a tool where users can change the YTD, month, quarter, MAT and more
  • Integration of a drop-down box for users to search and find the biomedical product that they are looking to find the price of
  • Inclusion of a table of the top 20 brands with the current share price, rank, YoY price movement, which would keep updating as per share price movement

The Outcome of the Solution

  • An interactive website with details of share prices, rank, YoY, YTD, etc
  • A table displaying the top 20 biomedical brands with current share price, price movement, loss or gain of price over the year, and current rank.

Core Business Impact

  • Customer Satisfaction: With superior flexibility, zero lag, useful features, easy navigability and more, users have been highly satisfied with the test preparation platform.
  • Improvement in Revenue: A satisfied customer base helped the platform to expand itself and add new users. This helped the platform’s revenue and growth to increase.
  • Cost Optimization The platform witnessed improved efficiency and scalability of the operation through reliable staff augmentation services via the Dedicated Resource Model.


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