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1. About the Project

The subject discussed in this paper relates to the process and the challenges faced in developing a mobile app using Objective-C and Java for iOS and Android respectively. Kolkata police have to face a number of challenges and they wanted to meet the same through a judicious blend of technological tools and human resources. The nature of cybercrime has undergone a sea-change and that is why they came to us and offered us the opportunity of creating this app. They wanted an app where the entire criminal records of the city can be stored and which can be accessed by all the employees of Kolkata police. The app had to be extremely secure as it will be handling all the details of the crime such as the criminal’s name, place, date of criminal activity and much more. Also, it had to be feature rich and user-friendly in design.

Client details

  • Name: Kolkata Police
  • Industry: Administrative and Legislative
  • Geographical Presence: Kolkata

Problem Statement

  • There was no single app from where Kolkata Police can check and view the details of the crimes as well as criminals
  • There were different web portals for viewing the details of different crimes. In order to check the details, users had to login every time they open a web portal. This made the whole process of viewing information regarding crimes extremely time consuming and difficult.


The Client has partnered with the DAPL team:

  • To create a mobile application which can be downloaded easily by any Police professional
  • To create an Admin support in order to organize the roles as well as permissions for the accessibility
  • To restructure, organize and merge the existing and previous database system

2. App Link


3. Technology Used

For iOS

  • Language - Objective-C
  • IDE - XCode
  • Minimum OS Support - iOS 8.0
  • Device Supported - iPhone
  • Version Control - SCM - Git (Bitbucket)
  • Orientation supported - Portrait
  • Project management - Basecamp 2
  • Framework - UIKit, OpenGLES, ImageIO, GLKit, CoreText, CoreLocation, CoreGraphics, CoreData, QuartzCore, Google Place API, Google Maps SDK

For Android

  • Language - Java
  • IDE - Android Studio
  • Minimum OS Support - Android API level 15 (Ice Cream Sandwich higher ver 4.0.3)
  • Device Supported - Android Phone
  • Version Control - SCM - Git (Bitbucket)
  • Orientation supported - Portrait
  • Project management - Basecamp 2
  • App Tour Purchase - IAP (In App Purchase for Google)
  • Others - Fingerprint Authentication
  • Framework - Material, Play-Service, Google-Map, Firebase, Google Place API

4. Challenges Faced

  • Legacy database system not properly oriented or managed: We had to collect information from several web portals that were meant for different purposes and put them into a single mobile application. Examples include a different web portal for FIRs and a different web portal for arrests
  • Accessibility was definitely an issue. Previously, the Kolkata Police had to login every time they enter a web portal. We had to make the process easy by enabling them to get information about all the crimes and related issues just by logging into the mobile application once

5. Outcome of the Project/Solution

Key Highlights

  • Users can get details of any criminal record in an instant
  • Users can get crime report of any police station in just a single click
  • Any special request can be made such as tracking a mobile number
  • Users can search for any name/phone number/ address to get all details related to it
  • Users can get FIR details
  • One can search any hotel/bar/gas data/municipality data etc.
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App Insights

  • Number of downloads
  • Android: 302+
  • iOS: 540
  • Average Rating
  • Android: 4
  • iOS: 4



Core Business Impact

  • Productivity improvement - This allowed the Kolkata Police Team to efficiently conduct and execute different criminals as well as FIR cases
  • Operational efficiency - There was a huge lag in the operations because of non distributed database system. However, with the creation of the app, this non distributed system became distributed system with easy access
  • Cost reduction - Cost associated with database maintenance and operation were all reduced with the development of this application

Customer Impact

  • Customer satisfaction - Kolkata Police was highly satisfied with the work that Digital Aptech has provided and it resulted in a certification of appreciation from Joint Commissionerate of Kolkata Police
  • Customer relationship - It is because of our prompt services that Kolkata Police is in a long-term relationship with us
  • Engagement - Dedicated Model

6. Certificates

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