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About the Client

CondosHQ is a Toronto-based online business dealing with the listing of properties like high-end condos, townhouses, and homes in the Greater Toronto area. The business helps buyers to find suitable properties as per their budget, preferences and requirements.

The client contacted Digital Aptech to design and develop a visually appealing and responsive website where all the properties would be listed along with images, location details, floorplans, prices, and other crucial details to help buyers make an informed decision.

Client Details

Name: CondosHQ

Industry: Real Estate

Geographic Location: Canada

Allergan Partnered with us for:

Allergan collaborated with us for the following services:

Problem Statement

  • There wasn't any existing real estate listing site offering a smooth, hassle-free experience for buying, selling or renting properties
  • Multiple ongoing service and stability challenges with the existing platform limiting the potential of the business

CondosHQ Partnered with DAPL to

  • To design and develop a website that is highly attractive, easy to use and greatly responsive that would help to provide convenience to the users
  • To develop a business website that is quite faster and more nimble, along with proper security and scalability
  • To integrate a customer-oriented dashboard and navigation options that would help users to connect with properties as per their preferences and budget more efficiently


  • Developing a user activity tracker
  • Slow website loading time and various other issues dropped the site's rank on the Google search engine
  • Developing a user dashboard for the site that is completely customised according to user activity or behaviour
  • Integrating an interactive UI UX and clean design to promote user experience and match users with appropriate property searches

Outcome of the Solution

DAPL developed a world-class website that:

  • Is highly attractive, with a stunning design and a simple user interface
  • Allows buyers to register themselves to get access to floor plans and price details
  • Has multiple properties listed according to price, locality, amenities and size, making it smooth for buyers to check each property

Core Business Impact

  • Customer Satisfaction: The attractive, easy-to-use website, with its amazing design, has helped visitors to check properties smoothly, which has prompted higher customer satisfaction and improved customer engagement.
  • Cost Reduction: The business developed a functional website that improved the number of visitors and allowed higher business growth and ROI. The dedicated resources hired through staff augmentation have helped it to meet its operational requirements at an extremely low budget.
  • Diversified Platforms: The CondosHQ website can be accessed through different devices without any compatibility issues. This has contributed to higher customer engagement.
  • Engagement Model: Dedicated Model.


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