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About the Client

Charge Automation is the provider of guest experience-enhancing software for hotels and vacation rentals. The software is designed to facilitate faster contactless check-in, secure payment automation, security deposit collection, chargeback fraud protection, and upselling as well as creating digital guidebook apps.

The platform approached Digital Aptech to create an interactive, secure, and hassle-free website where users can access detailed descriptions of each of the services offered and avail them as per preference and budget.

Client Details

Name: Charge Automation

Industry: Hospitality

Geographic Location: 32+ months

Problem Statement

  • There was no unified platform that offered financial and payment solutions for hotels and vacation rentals
  • No existing platform offered the secure and fast collection of security deposits, contactless check-in or security deposit collection

Charge Automation Partnered with DAPL to

  • Create and design an intuitive and attractive business website for users to check out the services that the business offer
  • Develop an interactive business website through which brands could register with the platform and avail the services
  • Promote the unique services offered for hotel and other accommodation businesses

Website link:

Technology Used: VueJS, Laravel


  • Integration of live demo option within the website to let users and customers get a first-hand experience of how to use the platform and its features
  • Setting up a registration page where businesses would have to register first to use and implement the features provided by the platform
  • Integration of a detailed pricing package for businesses along with the display of features and benefits

The Outcome of the Solution

  • A well-performing and faster website featuring the top functionalities of the guest experience software
  • A smooth registration window where businesses can register and log in with some basic business-specific details to continue accessing the features

Core Business Impact

  • Operational Efficiency: A well-functioning website has enabled users to book various services effortlessly, which has allowed the company to manage its operations efficiently
  • Cost Reduction: The company has been able to ramp up its operations with cost-effective staff augmentation services via the Dedicated Resource Model
  • Customer Satisfaction: The smooth, easy-to-use interface, attractive designs and layout with hassle-free payment facility have contributed to higher customer satisfaction
  • Diversified Platform: Users can access the website on multiple platforms, such as mobile, tablet, desktop, etc. and enjoy a seamless experience without any inconvenience or technical glitch


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