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About the Client

ARHT is a global brand dealing with creating Augmented Reality and hologram technology-based solutions for multiple industry verticals like education, luxury retail, entertainment, corporate and others. ARHT has been engaged for more than a decade in developing cutting-edge technology that is revolutionising how humans interact and communicate bridging physical space while saving time.

The company approached Digital Aptech to design and develop a web app for its Capsule, a patented 4K holographic kiosk offering life-like and life-size human interaction.

Name: ARHT

Industry: AR/VR

Geographic Location: Canada

Problem Statement

  • There was no existing mechanism to display stock options videos of Netflix featured on multiple sites on the ARHT Capsule kiosk.

ARHT Partnered with DAPL to

  • Design and develop a web app that would facilitate showing Netflix’s stock option videos on ARHT Capsule
  • Build a web app exclusively for the ARHT kiosk that would align with the kiosk’s (Capsule) technical specifications

Technology Used

  • VueJS
  • ReactJS
  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • Laravel
  • AngularJS


  • The new web app has to be compatible with the technology used behind ARHT 4K Capsule kiosks
  • The web application would showcase Netflix stock option videos on multiple sites for ARHT’s Capsule kiosk.

The Outcome of the Solution

  • A well-designed, smooth, fast and secure web app compatible with holographic technology used in ARHT Capsule
  • A web application that provides a smooth display of Netflix’s stock option videos

Core Business Impact

Skilled in providing SAS software programming, we offer exceptional data management and statistical planning to a wide range of our clientele. Our robust team of statistical programmers can offer a vast range of services, including but not limited to the following:

  • Improvement in Revenue: With such an improved web application, users and prospective clients got access to detailed ideas and understood how the Capsule could help them. This improved the revenue of ARHT as it brought in more clients.
  • Cost Optimization: The platform witnessed improved efficiency and scalability of the operation through reliable staff augmentation services via the Dedicated Resource Model
  • Operational Efficiency: Well-functioning and interactive web app have enabled the brand to manage their operations efficiently.


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