Top 3 Text Editors For Web Designers


Almost all the professional web designers except that the process of designing is a little dull and boring as it involves similar steps. However, there are some projects where a little modification is required to complete it. It’s the visual tools which makes the process a little appealing. This article helps you know about the top 3 text editors for web designers.
Text Editors For Web Designers

Visual Tools: Do Designers Love It?

Visual tools are definitely one of the best options, but you may have to follow the old coding process for some projects. Here’s an overview of the top text editors for web designers and developers.

We do sometimes expect or probably it may happen at some point of time i.e. Text editors may vanish someday. But most of the people are addicted to the old process of designing and development, and still text editors won’t die.

Designers love text editors. This is because they have great speed and control, and it’s one of the best-in-class apps which helps the designer and developer to be more efficient.

Here are the top text editors for different platforms, whether it’s the iMac screen or PC, or probably just trying to update the website using tablet or any other device. In any case, if we have missed any of the app, then do let us know and also tell us why it’s great.

BB Edit

Platform: OS X
Price: $49.99/£34.99

It’s been used by the designers and developers for over 20 years, and one can also consider it as veteran. The only problem is that the interface failed to keep pace with the most advanced Mac apps, but there are many other features which make it special. Not only it’s configurable, but it’s fast and scriptable.


Platform: OS X

Price: $74.99/£ 49.99

This is specifically designed for the professional designers and developers, and it focuses on all the little things just like a designer. This is definitely one of the best Mac app which works on all the different web platforms i.e. Websites. It has also added a lot of new features which makes editing more appealing and enjoyable i.e. code folding, code focus, clips along with MySQL editor.

DroidEdit Pro

Platform: Android

Price: $1.99/£ 1.64
unnamedWhen it comes to Android, you will only find a list of text editors. DroidEdit Pro is definitely one of the best and this great app is available at a price which everyone can afford. It not only looks great, but also works effectively for coding.

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August 8 , 2014

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