Digital Aptech has extensive hands-on experience in building and deploying cutting-edge mobile apps development and games. We work on all major mobile platforms – iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet. We help businesses leverage the mobile to go-to-market, reach vast audience, boost brands and transform business processes. We only handle selected projects at a time to give the attention your app requires to make it a success. Competitor analysis, positioning, marketing messaging, customer feedback features, billing and integrations are some of the areas we help apart from creating top-quality technology for your solutions. Our clients have appreciated our work as we always implement modern technology to develop an interactive interface for easy management and delivering great user-interface. If you want, to cater to a niche market of App industry, get a customized Mobile application from us, at a most economical rate.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire Us.

  • 1Customized Application –
    Before we start working, we would take intricate details about the app you want, its utility and target audience. We can also give you our suggestions, which you can incorporate if you like. The best infrastructure to create and test the app, helps in making it error free.
  • 2Native or Cross Platform App –
    You can choose any types of apps you like, we can create both. We specialize in skills like Titanium, Phone Gap, Sencha and Java. Our experienced team is equipped with state of the art knowledge of all latest technologies including SDK, XML, JSON, SQLlite, SQL, HTML and JavaScript. It’s proven expertise in both new product development and in-house custom mobile application.
  • 3Cost Effective –
    We guaranteed that you will save 50% of your project cost by working with us. With a 100% money back guarantee you can be rest assured that we will deliver the application you need and you dream of.
  • 4Dedicated Team –
    We can offer you a team of dedicated experienced professionals from day one. With a 160 hours guaranteed monthly work production, you can have your tailored app in no time. You own remote team will be dedicated to you 24X7 if required. We carefully listen, implement and deliver.
  • 5Market your App–
    What is an app if people don’t know about it? We can help you popularize your app, brand it and help you in your business. Our digital marketing team can help you market your app and achieve maximum ROI.
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What More do we offer.

  • 360 Degree Service – We offer you service right from the time you dream of getting your app. We can conceptualize, develop the app by following strict IOS standards, do App Store submission and finally help you market it.
  • Store inventory setup – we would set up your store, we will test whether it is running properly and we will teach you how to manage it.
  • Gain from our Rich Experience – With 400 years of collective technical experience, our expert and innovative team can assure you the best. We can help you with custom app development, Mobile web development, SDK development, Hybrid Apps and App Migration and Enhancement. Expert and innovative team.
  • Our Design – We provide aesthetic designs through simple colour schemes or dynamic visual experience. By maintaining Apple’s strict design paradigm we solidify the apps visibility in IoS App store.
  • Giving Client full Control – We can integrate CMS in your app so that you can manage your own content. The addition of catalogue rule or customer shopping cart can also help clients garner revenue, if that is their goal. A competent and trustworthy partnership, for long!
  • Confidentiality –We take care of your data and information with utmost care and make sure that it is well protected from, even after the project is complete.
See How Digital Aptech Can Help You

Browse some of our recent Portfolio

  • primecard

    Primecard is about celebrating the dining and travel experience up to 50% off, every day of the week. Primecard have combed through countless restaurants, hundreds of vacation getaways, and boiled it all down to the most sought-after experiences just for user.

  • jconnect


    Jconnect’s new App is your primary source connecting you with Jewish communities around Europe. This trusted app starts with Antwerp, Belgium helping you reach out and locate friends, family and local businesses. Updates will continuously be available as we upgrade and expand to include other European Jewish communities.

  • criminal-record

    This application is to help Police person tracking the criminal in quick time. Police man can search any criminal or get the details on any case using this app very easily and in lesser time.

  • Kint


    Kint is a very interactive and user-friendly chat application. This app also provide calling feature without any delay. Kint also allows user to do location check-in’s, Group chat. Can view other users profile status maintaining the privacy of all the user’s of this app.

  • ShoppersI

    South Africa

    ShoppersI is a online shopping application. This app is very useful for user to shop online as well as for the stores who can register easily with this app and sell their products on this app. This app allows user to chat with the store person as well.

  • my-plug

    This is the app for booking the tables of a club online. And also on booking a table the client will get points depending on the bottles purchased. User can Chat with the host or promoter

Engagement Model

Full time hiring

  • Mothly 20 days, 160 hours of guaranteed production.
  • Ideal for someone looking for continuous development or maintenance work.
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Hourly hiring

  • Ideal for someone looking for fixed cost project or small maintenance work.
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