SMOSkill Sets

Recommended For Establishing brand reputation and brand image online. Enhance global outreach to consumers. Also get the word out through viral marketing campaigns and the like.

Domain Expertise + Key Skills :

  • Social media platforms – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Google+ etc
  • Online advertisement management
  • Video creation + marketing through video distribution sites
  • Reputation management
    Online feedback + response management
  • Creation of viral marketing material and initiating campaigns
  • Improving traffic/visitors/sales through organic sources

Our SMO Rates:

Experience level Pricing

Monthly – Ideal for someone looking for continuous development or maintenance work


Hourly – Ideal for short-term ad-hoc work

Experience: 3 Years Monthly: £1400 / $1700 Hourly: £10 / $17
Experience: 4 Years Monthly: £1550 / $1870 Hourly: £11 / $19
Experience: 5 Years Monthly: £1682 / $2040 Hourly: £12 / $21
Experience: 7 Years
(Independent Project Management Level)
Monthly: £2058 / $2500 Hourly: £18 / $30

* Minimum Production Guarantee of 160 Hours/Month

* Minimum Contract of 3 Months

# Avail unbelievable discounted price on the rack rate for long term hiring or group hiring!


As WE are covered under NDA, we are not allowed to provide all the web URL’s developed for our clients.

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