Is Your Website’s Usability Holding You Down?


Inception of Ecommerce & Internet based business development has altered the concept of websites in past few years. From being a mere promotional tool to primary money making source, usability of website is coming up as a key factor in moulding user behaviour to generate conversion. Snazzy looks & hi-functioning technologies have taken backseat whereas the user experience of website has taken priority position for any business.  Nevertheless, there are numerous businesses yet to grapple with the concepts of usability, and as a result, face lower conversion ratio. To boost your internet sales, conducting website usability analysis is now obligatory to discover what is holding your business back. Why, and how? Let’s check out-


When Do You Need A Usability Analysis?


As a business owner, your website is no less than your baby you have conceived after hell lot of pain, and which parents find faults with their kids? So when your website ceases to bring business, with web analytics showing minimum visitor stay time, lesser clicks & even lower conversions, you continue to ignore the basics or go for revamping your site with more pics, flash, functionality that ultimately kills your time and business both. Stop doing that now. A non-performing site is the biggest red alert that screams it is high time to re-consider your website’s usability.


What is Usability in Website?

For whom do you make your website? For the users, isn’t it? Be it a corporate site for brand building, an online store for sales, a social site for subscription or even a blog site for venting your creative spirit, the target audience may differ in demography or nature but they exist in most important position. The whole purpose of the website is no doubt triggering the interest of that user or TG. Here is where usability finds its purpose, as this determines how easy it is for the user to use and navigate a website. Website usability is not just about making sure everything on the site works but making the design and development process work seamlessly to impress the prospective user — to make sure their requirements are met in shortest of time and easiest of ways.


Why is Usability Required?

The requirement of focussing on usability is perhaps best expressed by Jakob Nielsen’s Law of the Internet User Experience – “Users spend most of their time on other sites.”

Modern Internet users are crazy breed who spend the entire day browsing one site or other, still, their average page visit lasts lesser than a minute. Imparting superlative user experience is necessary to hook this floating visitor and impress them to the point of conversion because-

  • With plenty of options around, nobody is bothered to spend time searching for their requirement in a site. What the prospective customer would need has to be anticipated & placed right in front to make the experience hassle-free.
  • Low usability website frustrates the users to no ends and ruins the scope of sales besides building negativity about the brand.
  • Search Engine result is hampered


Whereas with a brilliant usability site-

  • Users feel at ease and finds what they are looking for instantly
  • All the bottlenecks are removed from the conversion path so that users don’t have to deal with any inconvenience while browsing or purchasing a product online
  • Pushes the sales and promotions phenomenally, even if the technology is average
  • Create a lasting impression on the user to ensure returning business.


Factors affecting Usability & Remedies:

The idea of Usability is centered on the concept of making the interface of the website more user-friendly. Check with these points to understand how your website is functioning-



  1. Availability and Accessibility


If people try to access your website and it doesn’t work, the whole purpose is wasted. So start with the basics –


  • Server uptime – With hi-speed internet available for through 4G smartphones & internet, a hi-speed site that loads in 3-6 second is primary to retain visitor, otherwise people will get diverted. Diagnose problems that might be slowing it down and invest in high-speed domain.
  • Broken links – Double check that there are no dead links on your site.  Nothing sends a visitor back to Google search results faster than a 404 page.
  • Mobile responsiveness –  Make sure your site can handle different screen sizes and slow connections according to change of device and interface.


   2. Relevancy :

Staying relevant to your objective behind the site is the main purpose. So place the content accordingly, avoid full-page ad on homepage and especially mandatory ads before site loading that forces user to wait or leave.

    3. Consistency

Every page on the site should maintain a consistent layout with similar fonts and colours. Maintaining a similar layout on every page will reassure users that they haven’t been navigated elsewhere whilst also presenting cohesive branding

  1. Simplicity

Focus on what’s important. If you don’t distract your visitors they will be more likely to do what you want them to do. Start with a simple navigation & maintain simplistic design throughout.

  1. Familiarity

Sticking to familiar layout and font will make users feel comfortable when browsing your site. For instance, users are used to the simple navigation bar at the top of the site with links to key pages, changing it with something dramatic will confuse visitors.

  1. Readability

Most users do not read but scan your content. So keep in mind the reading pattern of users, place most important content at top, and use headings (H1) and subheadings (H2) to break up your content and make the page look better to a user who is glancing through your site. Alos use a readable font which is familiar to users.

  1. Maintaining WYSIWYW:

What you see is what you want, the basic caveat behind good web design and usability. Anticipate user need and place his requirement is key position. Placing the section which highlights your benefits/products/services, etc. is a quick way for users to gather the information which is relevant to them.  Search functionality is a must to make it easier for the user to land upon what he wants instantly.

Last but not the least


Test  vigorously

Test from real non-professional user’s end by switching machines, browsers and internet speeds. See if all links work fine and orders are processed without running into a programming error.

If all goes well, you can resort to hundreds of free tools that exist to assist with the process of enhancing website usability. But that is the topic of another article. Meanwhile if you need your website usability analysis to be done by experts, reach us at for free consultation.


June 22 , 2017

Digital Aptech

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