What isDRM?

DRM allows a front end technology company to hire full time resource(s) of their choice with full “Project Management” control, at an Unbelievable price range!


Enjoy The Special Benefits Of DRM

  • Cost Benefits

    With our DRM, you can hire a Dedicated Resource and reduce your employee payroll budget next to ZERO! Interview & handpick YOUR resources, having full access to their experience and skill levels at hand.

  • Project Management

    Manage & supervise every little progress made in your project right from the comfort of your home – with the help of the popular Project Collaboration software. In fact, YOU act as the virtual Project Manager and our Technical & Managerial Heads co-ordinate & report to you from our on-site office. Isn’t it great?

  • Handpick Your Troops

    YOU have the liberty to choose the best resources for your project. Your opinion matters the most to us, whether it is to hire a Dedicated Resource or in retaining or replacing one.

  • Enhance Your Marketing Objectives

    Our DRM is independent, efficient and sharp. This gives you time to enhance your marketing objectives. The success of your Development & Design projects is OUR responsibility.

  • Improve On Profitability

    Turn the spotlight on your business model and profit areas. Our DRM will automatically help you manage costs and resource budgets.

  • Direct Communication

    We don’t like the “middle man” concept, and so let you interact with YOUR Dedicated Resources directly. Use mail, telephone, chat & video conferencing as and when required. We ensure that our Dedicated Resources are competent in communication skills and will quickly update you with the progress made in your project.

  • Secure & Trustworthy

    Our DRM adheres to the latest security measures and is 100% secure against unauthorized access or use of your data. Also, a Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed by every member of the Digital Aptech team against such malpractices.