How ItWorks

  • Need a Transparent + Effective Work Model?

    Hire the Dedicated Resource Work Model @ Digital Aptech!!

    If YOU are still contemplating on the decision to hire a dedicated developer from Digital Aptech, look at how it works. We exercise a Work Process that is effective yet transparent, efficient and flexible.

    Hiring Dedicated Developers was always easy. Getting consistent, optimized work on a Full-Time basis was the tricky part. Our Work Model makes sure that the client is happy and satisfied with the results.

  • There are 5 Main Points that the Our Work Process is hinged upon –

    • YOU (Client) – YOU allocate work + lay down the scope of the project and the estimated deadlines.
    • Hired Dedicated Developer (Resource) – Is the Dedicated Developer you are provided for the project works on a Weekly/Hourly/Monthly basis – or YOU can also hire a Full-Time or Part-Time model.
    • Technical Project Manager (Regulation) – Supervises the whole process + Coaches the Resources + Makes necessary updates & modifications in the project scope and progress as per Feedback from Client
    • Account Manager (Liaison) – Works on the Feedback + Regulates Payment + Managerial Assistance
    • Senior Management – As an administrative link between the Client (YOU) and the Dedicated Developer Team!!


Check out more detailed benefits of the Dedicated Resource Hiring Work Model HERE!

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