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Core Benefits of the Dedicated Resource Hiring Model

Think the Dedicated Resource Model is only based on cost benefits? WRONG!
Most Application/Web Solutions providers & SMEs offer only pricing benefits in their DRM Models.

But WE Offer MORE! @ Digital Aptech

Benefits – By Overall Pricing

  • Save > 70% on Your Budget
  • Pay £1,500 for a Dedicated Developer instead of £7,000 for an In-house experienced Programmer/Developer
  • SAVE on Related costs – Bonuses, Perks, Travel Reimbursements, Insurance etc. WE take care of all of the same for the Dedicated Developer hired by YOU from our own purse!
  • Guaranteed Savings + Flawless Cash-flow Management
  • Sign up for a 3-month contract on DRM & sign extended contracts only when YOU are satisfied with Quality offered. NO long-term commitments before that!

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Benefits – By Manpower

  • Choose Handpicked Resources at Customized Pricing Rates
  • Find Resources who are experts in English & can incorporate feedback + communicate well! NO issues of accent/language at all!
  • Handpick from a host of developer profiles – branded on the factors of Skill-Sets/Experience/Remuneration
  • Get an inclusive team comprising of – A Project Manager + An Account Manager + A Dedicated Developer – all by HIRING JUST 1 Dedicated Developer Resource!!
  • WE have qualified replacements on the reserve-bench too – so that YOU never incur losses even when the Dedicated Resource is on an emergency leave!

Benefits – By Overhead Costs

  • SAVE on EVERY overhead cost. Yes, EVERY ONE OF THEM!
  • NO infrastructure costs.
  • NO annual bonuses/perks/travel reimbursements/insurance/medical allowances. WE are responsible for all of these for any Dedicated Resource YOU hire!
  • SAVE > 70% on YOUR budget = More Exclusive Profits JUST for YOU!
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Benefits – By Flexibility

  • Find the Best Resume from a host of Developer Profiles – based on Skill-Sets/Experience/Remuneration
  • Get 160 Hours of Guaranteed work (8 Hours X 20 Week-days) from YOUR Dedicated Developer/Programmer. Also, assign extra work for the excess hours in a month (for a 22-weekday month) for FREE!
  • Switch between projects OR Allocate work on multiple projects to the Dedicated Developer/Programmer.
  • Talk Directly to the Dedicated Developer/Programmer OR Allot work through the Project Manager – You Order, We Offer!
  • To summarize, Hire a Dedicated Developer Resource. He/She becomes YOUR virtual employee for the month!

    hire dedicated developer

Benefits – By Results

  • Get 100% Bespoke Results from the DRH Model!
  • Ask for Changes + Updates + Tweaks as many times you wish for, when within the Hired Work Hours of the Dedicated Developer
  • Get superior project management + feedback with the help of your administrative team of the Technical Project Manager & the Account Manager.
    get 100% customized result