8 Top Practices to Improve App Engagement



If you are interested in creating an engaging application, it may take more than an interesting idea to get started! Gimmicks hardly break into the noise of the apps in the market. You need to have proven strategies that will drive engagement for the application you have. You should have more than a bag of tricks to get started. Here are the top practices that will help boost the app engagement numbers in the future.

  • 1. Create a superb app store listing: It makes sense to start with an element that is outside of the app and is the first area of importance! Any engagement starts with the user’s first interaction with the app stored in the app store. If the app is not downloaded, it could mean the worst kind of app engagement. Try and think about the app and what problems will it solve? Focus on the benefits and not on the features. There should be a good amount of feedback from the testers that can influence what you use in the app store listing. Try and pay attention to featured apps. These are a great start for well done app listings.
  • 2. Have a well designed on-boarding for the app: Potential users of the app should have a great on-boarding. The entire on-boarding experience is all about familiarity and less of usage. Start on focusing on the benefits of the app. For instance, do not show screenshots and interface elements. Rather create custom illustrations that propose the value propositions of the app.
  • 3. Make the audience try out before a buy: allow the users to explore the app before taking it up or buying it. A user should know what he or she is getting into before signing up or even authenticating where necessary. This approach helps users to understand the value of the app before committing to it anyway. This means that the user gets into the browse only mode without needing to authenticate his credentials. If the user likes the product he or she will create an account or go for paid subscriptions and access.
  • 4. Follow the best practices necessary for permission requests in apps: as the maker of the app, you need to fix the necessary timing and tone, language and messaging for the app. It is important that you have a plan to deal with permission requests for your app. If you do not have a plan in place, your app could well be deleted!
  • 5. Speed of the app is crucial: Users are more demanding than ever and like to have apps that can deliver the goods in time. Speed is a feature that makes apps reliable and efficient when it comes to crucial times. If your app takes time to load or is even slow on delivery, then users may just call it off.
  • 6. Go for Push notifications in apps: A lot of users often forget about apps after use for a prolonged period of time. This obviously does not mean that they should be spammed. Instead there should be notifications that help bring back the users to the app. Push notifications can be tailored and customized in a way that makes them more relevant. You can start off with targeting devices and platforms along with users who have carried out certain actions. This makes for a sound and solid engagement strategy and is useful in the long run.
  • 7. Go for the deep linking strategy: Notifications often are more effective and powerful when they are deep linked. A lot of app developers deep link when inviting other users to their app. Companies such as Google and Apple are investing heavily into deep linking their apps and are accruing benefits as a result!
  • 8. Connect with your user base: Feedback about the application is the lifeline of user-developer engagement. Users often share their feedback directly on the app store instead of sharing with the developers. Make this entire process easy. Feedback is the lifeline of the app and is often the best way to increase user engagement. Try and provide easy access and answer FAQs to the queries set up by the users. As the developer, you should be in a position to provide tools such as Zensdesk and HelpScout. Sending automated responses and a faster turnaround time are the next best things to do!

Finally, the app you develop should be well maintained and cause users to believe in the service for the long run. If you keep the app updated, it will show in the app store and help you market the app in the long run! On a much broader level, user engagement will flourish if you create an experience that will last a longer period of time. Apps should be personal and contextual. The user should be in a position to relate and use the app effortlessly. That in itself is great user experience leading to better app engagement.

January 3 , 2017

Digital Aptech

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