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Breaking into new frontiers of Virtual Gaming- trends at Digital Aptech in 2016


Virtual reality gaming is a firestorm of sorts in 2016. It is predicted that virtual reality games in 2017 will bridge the gap between the physical world and the human imagination. Forbes predicts that the virtual gaming industry would be worth a billion dollars by end of this year. This will be enabled when scientists and game developers partner with each other and with breakthrough technologies such as nanotechnology.

Traditionally though, VR technology was all about creating PC-based and mobile based games. Some of the more lucrative and popular games in VR were played on consoles too. Be it a thrilling car game or even a first person shooter game, VR enables you to have an immersive perception as the gamer. The VR games come in two forms- namely the ones with a mounted headset and the second with a simulator. Games played in simulated environments are more sophisticated and closer to our physical reality.

At Digital Aptech, we believe VR headsets such as Oculus Rift , Holo lens and Kinet with head-mounted devices, allows you to look around in a virtual world. Virtual reality devices such as Occulus Rifts and Project Morpheus helps you interact with the gaming environment. You can experience walking, dancing and shooting like never before in a virtual world.

Gesture recognizing devices in VR gaming such as Leap Motion too, allow users to play video games and simultaneously work on the computer with hand gestures. This rich experience helps users to work and game simultaneously.

Apart from mobile gaming options, Google Glass is a significant step to popularising augmented reality gaming or AR gaming. This is situational and simulated gaming that helps users be part of a parallel reality. AR allows you to be part of a physical world where you can interact with non-physical entities. While the player remains in the real world, he or she interacts and uses non-physical objects by using motion detection and object detection along with other AR technologies. For instance, in Google Glass, the eye wearable device serves as your perfect AR equipment.

In VR gaming, 3D is passé . 2017 will usher in easy set up and synchronization of physical reality with parallel reality. This technology is also getting affordable by the day. This is testament to the fact that game developers now have the resources to help these devices succeed.

For all those benefits, virtual reality gaming keeps grabbing eyeballs. With most major games coming out with multiplayer online option, the future of gaming seems to be too good to be true. These days all it takes is a good internet connection to get started!

We at Digital Aptech are in the forefront of developing these gaming applications, to enhance the speed of development, availability and user experience!

October 25 , 2016

Digital Aptech

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